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E-Bike Description Price
EB 744 - 48 Volt Town & Country II Scooter (Available in Silver, Red, Blue or Black) $1,215.00
EB 636 - Folding Bike 36V/ 10ah Lithium battery 350w motor. (Available in Silver) $1,275.00
EB 600 - Folding Bike 36V/ 3ah LiFePO4 battery 250w motor. (Available in Silver) $899.00
EB 123 - Fold-N-Go Folding Bike 24V/ 10ah Lead Acid battery (Available in Silver) $595.00
EB 415 - Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike with Lithium Battery in Red only. Ultra-Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy two-tone black/red frame 450 watt motor 10 AH Lithium Ion battery. $1,357.00
EB629 - Aluminum Alloy Step Through Bike with Lithium Battery. Ultra-Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Silver or Black 700mm frame. 350 watt motor 10 AH Lithium Ion battery $1,357.00
EB333 - Electric Trike with Torsion Bar 36 volt 10 Ah Lithium Ion Battery $1,328.00
ES3000 - 60V Breeze Scooter. Standard: Silicon Battery 60V 40ah, Lithium Ion Battery is optional. $2,495.00
Disclaimer: All specifications are estimates and approximate. All specifications may vary from those listed on this web site and can change at any time.

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